Cogito Enhances Conversation AI, Bolstering Real-Time Agent Assist and Coaching Capabilities

The pioneer in real-time coaching and assistance for businesses, Cogito, recently unveiled its newest product developments that will revolutionize real-time conversation intelligence in the contact center. The suite of products sets a new benchmark for the use of technology to support contact center agents and team leaders. It has been deployed to tens of thousands of agents, including the 30,000-agent workforce of a Fortune 25 telecommunication company, which is the largest deployment of its kind.

Cogito’s Conversation AI is intended to supplement its powerful Customer Sentiment CX and Emotion AI models. The AI agent assist and coaching solution can successfully suggest how to reply when important conversational subjects are brought up by detecting more than 200 voice and behavioral cues in speech. In order to enable the optimal action in real-time, the new features specifically notify agents to beneficial resources and knowledge pieces. Furthermore, by utilising self-service admin portals and enabling leaders to customize discussion themes by line of business, team, or skill set, the solutions successfully guide operations executives and supervisors in managing and assisting their staff. With this control, managers have the ability to act quickly in the face of changing contact center circumstances.

“Contact center agents and their leaders take the brunt of the service experience, with customer interactions becoming increasingly complex”, “We view seamless integrated conversation AI and emotion AI capabilities as necessary to support today’s workforce. With over a decade of advanced R&D, we differentiate based on our ability to go beyond traditional speech analytics. Our unique combination of behavior insights and real-time natural language processing has culminated into a powerful agent assist and coaching platform that we continue to add to and expand upon. The conversation AI solutions announced today are another step forward for the company and our ability to deeply assist an industry that needs human-centered support and guidance.”

Joshua Feast, CEO and Co-Founder of Cogito

Key characteristics are:

  • Robust Conversation AI Portfolio: Comprised of conversational fundamentals, this portfolio supports customer interactions with agents by offering a preconfigured conversation topics library of popular subjects and themes, such as calls for service, sales, healthcare, and compliance.
  • Continuous Self-Service Admin: By introducing, changing, and amending conversational subjects throughout encounters, with automated word and phrase identification, the new portal can better support the demands of the contact center. These subjects can be modified by administrators using regular expression techniques.
  • Cogito uses dual-channel audio to give automated, precise conversation transcriptions that incorporate emotional context to help with coaching to address client problems and drive upstream operational warnings. Users have access to all transcripts right away after every call.
  • Secure PCI/PII Redaction: The ability to securely redact personally identifiable information (PII) from all calls, audio replays, and call transcripts is now a feature. A cutting-edge machine learning model that is reflected in all output can automatically identify and redact sensitive material. A wide range of PII data types and customizable blacklisting to remove phrases are included in the powerful sensitive data detection capabilities.

“The latest feature enhancements underscore Cogito’s strong commitment to continuous innovation and growth for our market-leading real-time agent assist and coaching solutions”, “A great example is our industry-first real-time redaction capability which is machine learning-based and redacts sensitive customer data live during calls, representing a major value add for companies leveraging our agent assist technology.”

Craig Blake, VP of Product at Cogito