7 Facts About Cloud Integration

Technology has made cultural predictions of the future. There is no doubt that cloud integration will usher in his 21st-century growth. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to start cloud integration for the first time. Additionally, you can connect your system to cloud integration tools to leverage the technology your organization already has.

Obviously, many people use the cloud and invest a lot of money in building, maintaining, and updating their cloud computing system, but you might be curious to know how popular it is. And how much money does it make? Here are seven amazing facts about cloud integration to consider:

         1. Over 50% of US Government Companies Use the Cloud Integration

U.S. government companies spend about $2 billion building, maintaining, and supporting cloud services. Commercial clouds, private clouds, and shared clouds are all used by many government agencies that use the cloud. Governments primarily use private clouds to maintain security and control the cloud.

         2. Amazon has More Cloud Infrastructure Than Its Competitors

Amazon offers more than 100 different services and has five times more cloud infrastructure than the next 14 competitors, putting them in a dominant position. Furthermore, it has enabled them to provide consumers with a fast, secure, and inexpensive service.

         3. Cloud Integration has Generated Various New Jobs

Cloud integration is also creating new professions, and many companies have reorganized their IT departments to accommodate cloud specialist positions. Cloud consultants, cloud software architects, cloud engineers, and cloud software engineers are some examples of such jobs.

         4. Cloud Integration has Increased Companies’ IT Departments by 80% in Six Months

These improvements are mainly focused on performance, quality, and security. Moving to the cloud has allowed these companies to save money and use their employees efficiently. Nearly 90% of IT decision-makers have seen significant improvements in at least one aspect of their IT department after adopting the cloud.

         5. 60% of US IT Decision-Makers Believe the Cloud is Secure

Most IT professionals are not interested in keeping sensitive data in the cloud. In addition, 80% of companies worldwide store their data in the cloud, and 82% of companies say they have saved money after using the cloud. However, 14% said the cloud has downsized its IT staff.

         6. Banking is One of the Largest Cloud Users

Payments, in practice, are essential, and widespread mobile banking services have grown rapidly in recent years. In addition, cloud integration in banking is a growing trend that will only continue to expand.

         7. Most Firms Use the Cloud for Backup and Storage

While you can achieve a lot with cloud-based applications, most companies use cloud-integrated applications to store huge amounts of data. These cloud-based services act like insurance policies. The benefits of cloud computing for backup and recovery are immense for businesses.