Bright Data Launches Public Web Datasets on Snowflake Marketplace

Bright Data announced its partnership with data cloud service provider Snowflake and the ensuing launch of its datasets on Snowflake Marketplace. The new solution will provide pre-made, ready-to-use datasets to assist joint clients in acquiring the internet data they require to make critical choices and address challenging business challenges across every aspect of their organisation.

Through Snowflake Marketplace, businesses can buy raw data products directly, and Snowgrid, Snowflake’s ground-breaking cross-cloud technology, enables businesses to access data, data services, and apps quickly, securely, and economically. By facilitating the discovery, use, and sale of data products, Snowflake Marketplace provides companies with access to whole new revenue streams and better insights throughout the Data Cloud.

Customers will benefit from the extraordinary capacity to search, locate, filter through, and receive sizable and comprehensive datasets amassed by the Bright Data team thanks to the new solution. These datasets include millions of web data points from frequently updated public e-Commerce & retail, travel & tourism, and business information websites.

Customers from a wide range of market sectors will also be able to ask for customised datasets and subsets of pre-made datasets in order to concentrate on the specific collection of data that is valuable to their enterprises. Customers will have access to a range of options for data enrichment that can enhance the value of the requested dataset by adding new information on top of the online data that has already been gathered from open-access websites.

“Both tailored and pre-made datasets are becoming significantly more attractive for organizations of all sizes”, “The smartest players are using a combination of both offerings, whether it is specifically tailored public datasets or ready-made to address their most essential questions and provide the immediate answers that drive their organizations further.”

Or Lenchner, CEO, Bright Data


“Bringing Bright Data’s datasets to Snowflake Marketplace will enable our joint customers to pursue innovation within their web data collection efforts”, “As Snowflake continues to empower organizations to mobilize their data, partners like Bright Data give our customers greater flexibility around how they acquire and collect web data at scale.”

Kieran Kennedy, Head of Marketplace, Snowflake