Adverity Launches on Google Cloud Marketplace

Adverity, a leading data and analytics platform for marketing, sales, and e-commerce teams, has today launched on Google Cloud Marketplace. The Adverity solution is now available to all Google Cloud customers.

Google Cloud customers will have the ability to access Adverity’s state-of-art data integration capabilities directly within Google Cloud Marketplace, greatly speeding up data onboarding and time to value. In addition, Google Cloud customers will have the ability to combine multiple data sources from previously isolated streams into one clear and concise dashboard.

The platform on Google Cloud Marketplace is fully self-service, providing customers with the flexibility they require for their business, as well as access to a dedicated live chat functionality to help the onboarding process.

The Adverity platform is underpinned by an advanced data integration solution that connects and unifies data from more than 600 data sources including CRMs, advertising, social, and eCommerce platforms.


For marketers at any stage of analytical maturity, ensuring that they are able to connect all their data streams into one place is paramount. By providing access to the Adverity platform through Google Cloud Marketplace, any Google Cloud customer can now take the first step to turn their data silos into a single source of truth; leading to better decision making, improved performance and enhanced data maturity.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Alexander Igelsböck, CEO at Adverity commented