7 BIG Facts About Data-Driven Innovation

7 BIG FACTS ABOUT DATA-DRIVEN INNOVATION 1 The amount of data generated in two days is as much as all data generated in human history before 2003. 2 Improved use of data could generate $3 trillion in additional value each year in seven industries. 3 The Big Data analytics and services industry is worth $3 billion and is expected to hit $20 billion in the next five years. 2019 %24 4 Harnessing Big Data could reduce health care costs by 8%. 5 6 The data-driven marketing industry was worth $156 billion in 2012 and created 676,000 jobs. In 1985, it cost $100,000 to store a gigabyte of data. Read More



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Top 4 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Trends of 2021

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Machine learning boosts application uptime

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AI’s Impact on Higher Ed

With artificial intelligence (AI) set to play a bigger role in the way we live and work, it raises the


What Consumers Really Think About AI

A new global study reveals that while consumers are optimistic about the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI), they also express


How to get to the cloud

Discover why the cloud’s security, innovation without disruption, and reliability can evolve more quickly than virtually any on-premises-only implementation; and


Reducing the risks of cybersecurity threats

With cybercrime seeping into virtually every industry, ensuring that enterprise systems and platforms are protected from the financial impact of


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security

Reduce risks from constant threats with security-first design principles that utilize built-in tenant isolation and least privilege access. Read More


Solve 5G Data Challenges at the Edge

As 5G dramatically increases the amount of data we use, generate and store, computing power must continue expanding to the


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