10 new rules of post-pandemic experiential for virtual platforms

Victoria Neeson, CEO of Dreamtek, and Erica Boeke, CEO of Liberty & Co., identifies 10 rules of post-pandemic experiential for using virtual platforms

A whopping $5.65 billion valuation for online events platform Hopin, a mere toddler at less than 2 years old. A 3,200% increase in profit for Zoom. A live audio app basically born yesterday that’s already worth a reported $4 billion and spawning copycat products on the daily from tech OGs like Twitter and Spotify. The list goes on, and as the pandemic drove us from conference rooms and sports arenas to online-only experiences, the fortunes — both literal and figurative — of these virtual platforms have soared.

New platforms are popping up everywhere to help us navigate our increasingly virtual world and help result in better features for businesses, whether as end-users of the technology (e.g. attendees), or those using the backend to build out virtual experiences.