VIQ Solutions Bolsters AI-Powered Workflows With New Proprietary ASR Increasing Accuracy and Improving Diarization

The addition of a new ASR technology to its portfolio of engine-independent technologies by VIQ Solutions Inc., a global provider of secure, AI-driven, digital voice and video capture technology and transcription services, is expected to increase productivity and diarization in multi-speaker environments.

The cutting edge, proprietary ASR technology, built upon the current ISO27001 certified secure cloud infrastructure, lays the groundwork for improvements in AI-based translation and foreign language transcription capabilities. As it gains knowledge from the vast multi-industry data sets that VIQ develops, edits, and annotates, this unique ASR pipeline is anticipated to produce greater efficiencies and increased accuracy.

The rapid developments provided by both commercial and open-source technology support the Company’s strategy, which is to capitalise on the commoditized voice to text platforms. Offerings from VIQ are independent of hardware, cloud infrastructure, and speech recognition software. Utilizing the most appropriate and effective speech engine is guaranteed by the engine agnostic strategy, which also concentrates R&D spending on industry, geographical, and customer-centric adaptations depending on the properties of a media file. A very accurate “FirstDraft” document is produced using this specific procedure, which may then be edited by the user or changed by VIQ expert editors. The most difficult investments to differentiate in the complex sectors supported by VIQ are those connected to post processing to improve the diary draught, associated formatting, and template customization.

“Our clients see the value in our ability to implement our integrated solutions and service offerings to transform and analyze digital content, and securely generate accurate actionable information”, “We continue to assess and add additional speech engines to our arsenal as needed, creating a high-quality user experience for our clients.”

Vahram Sukyas, Chief Technology Officer, VIQ Solutions

Technology is needed to keep up with the daily production of evidential content due to the demand for the digitization of recorded occurrences. The AI-based speech-to-text technology used by VIQ improves productivity, reduces turnaround time, and produces more accurate transcriptions.