Uniphore Acquires France-based Hexagone

Uniphore, a leader in conversational AI and automation, announced today that it has acquired Hexagone, which combines diverse voice, image, and text data to provide insights derived from AI to better understand human behavior.

With this acquisition, Uniphore adds significant behavioral science enhancements to its industry-leading X platform, ensuring that customer conversations and queries are resolved with precision. and considerable empathy. As part of the acquisition, Hexagone founder and CEO Camille Srour, PhD in behavioral psychology, and his team of data scientists have joined Uniphore.

Human conversation is complex. Many factors come into play when we speak, including our tone, visual cues, speed of speech, and choice of words. The integration of Hexagone’s technology into Uniphore’s X platform will enhance the ability to unify all data obtained from computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence AI and analytics voice as well as timbre to pick up on behavioral and emotional cues. It increases and helps people in their future work. With this innovative emotional matching technology, Uniphore can now help people do their jobs more easily and accurately, and deliver better customer interactions.

“Conversations are the lifeblood of every business and being able to derive value from them is critical as companies compete to succeed,”
“This acquisition brings unique capabilities to our X platform, making it the only platform that can fuse critical signals from different behavioral modalities in a conversation together. This ultimately provides organizations with the right information to make every conversation count.”
Umesh Sachdev, co-founder and CEO, Uniphore.
“From the beginning, Hexagone was built with a vision to take conversations and the value we extract from them to the next level,”
“We are thrilled to join Uniphore and its conversational AI and automation platform, helping our emotional analysis technology reach customers everywhere.”
Camille Srour, co-founder, Hexagone.

The Hexagone acquisition adds to Uniphore’s portfolio of innovations, including emotional AI, codeless/low-code development, and knowledge AI. Serving customers in a wide range of industries from telecommunications and financial services to healthcare and hospitality, Uniphore also completed a $400 million funding round in 2022 at a valuation of $2.5 billion.