TPx Introduces Penetration Scanning, Expands Security Advisory Services

TPx, a leading nationwide managed services provider (MSP) delivering cybersecurity, managed networks, and cloud communications, today announced the addition of Penetration Scanning to its Security Advisory Services portfolio.

Penetration Scanning is one of the best ways organizations can understand where security weaknesses and risks exist across the network and what the impact of cyber-attacks would be. TPx Penetration Scanning leverages an automated scanning platform, which provides short turnarounds coupled with low costs. This expanded offer builds on TPx’s Vulnerability Scanning, which evaluates devices that are connected to the network to identify vulnerabilities.

By combining Penetration Scanning and Vulnerability Scanning, TPx is providing customers a more comprehensive way to identify risk and strengthen their security posture. A TPx Vulnerability and Penetration Scan mirror the behavior of bad actors to help customers understand how likely it is that a hacker will be able to exploit a business’s weaknesses to gain access to systems or confidential information on their network. Performed as one-time events or in regular intervals, scans track a company’s risk profile in near real-time.

Proactively maintaining and protecting an organization’s network requires continuous effort – no matter the company’s size, type, or number of locations, As the threat landscape continues to expand and become more complex, Vulnerability and Penetration Scanning are two of the best tools a business can use to understand its weaknesses and how a hacker might exploit them.”                                                                                                                                                                                                Rick Mace, CEO, TPx.

TPx continues to evolve its offerings to continuously improve how it meets changing customer needs. TPx’s Penetration Scan is designed for businesses of all sizes that need an affordable way to mitigate risk, be eligible for cyber insurance, and stay compliant with various regulations and policies.