The 4th Workshop on Benchmarking in the Data Center: Expanding to the Cloud

April 2-3, 2022

High performance computing (HPC) is no longer confined to universities and national research laboratories, it is increasingly used in industry and in the cloud. Users need to be able to evaluate what benefits HPC can bring to their companies, what type of computational resources would be best for their workloads and how they can evaluate what they should pay for these resources. Recent general adoption of machine learning has motivated migration of HPC workloads to cloud data centers, and there is a growing interest by the community in performance evaluation in this area, especially for end-to-end workflows. Benchmarking has typically involved running specific workloads that are reflective of typical HPC workloads, yet with the growing diversity of workloads, theoretical performance modeling is also of interest to allow for performance prediction given a minimal set of measurements. The workshop will be composed of submitted papers, invited talks, and a panel composed of representatives from the industry.

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