Siemens Energy Selects Syntax for Global Deployment Partnership with SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Siemens Energy will work with Syntax to build and implement its new SAP Digital Manufacturing infrastructure. Syntax is the industry leader in managed multi-cloud and multi-ERP solutions for mission-critical applications. More than 80 production sites worldwide use cloud (DMC).

For five trial sites in Germany, Mexico, and the UK, Syntax will carry out the terms of the SAP DMC subscription contract. As Syntax gathers crucial process data for analysis, process modelling and execution, and resource coordination, these sites showcase the extremely diverse variety of Siemens Energy requirements.

During this time, Syntax will also contribute its knowledge of integrating production processes, laying the groundwork for the deployment of a digital factory by developing a common model. This Siemens Energy model will be gradually introduced around the world over the course of seven years and is anticipated to be developed before the end of 2023.

“We are very proud that Siemens Energy has chosen Syntax for its global strategic initiative”, “The combination of SAP know-how and Syntax’s industry experience and global positioning is unique, especially with the addition of our global manufacturing center of excellence and participation in worldwide certification.

Ralf Sürken, CEO Europe, Syntax

Siemens Energy, one of the top energy technology firms in the world, operates globally along almost the entire energy value chain. Gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, transformers, and compressors are among its offerings. Siemens Energy, a global market leader in conventional and renewable energy technologies such gas and steam turbines, hydrogen-powered hybrid power plants, electricity generators, and transformers, joins Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy as a member.

“We chose to partner with Syntax because of their holistic approach to digital transformation, and their high level of expertise and in-depth experience in projects related to the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud”, “As a pillar of our sustainable digitization strategy in the areas of production, this project is of considerable strategic importance for Siemens Energy. Using the same systems at all production sites is the basis for significantly improved cooperation, protection against cybersecurity threats, and deep customer interest.”

Matthias Hammes, Head of IT projects, Siemens Energy

Syntax understands industry factors and knows how to implement customers’ finest business solutions into the proper SAP systems thanks to its extensive experience and proven multicloud capabilities. As a leading provider of worldwide IT services, Syntax affirms its commitment to helping clients and partners who choose to buy, create, and consume goods and services with consideration for people and the environment.