Pangea launches API-based cloud security services for application builders

Pangea Cyber Corporation, a cloud security provider, has released a core set of API security services that application builders can use to rapidly and simply create a secure and compliant user experience for their apps. Emerging from stealth, the company has also announced $25 million in series A funding. Pangea claims it would be the first firm to provide a comprehensive portfolio of API-based security services through a single platform to application developers.

Led by cofounders Oliver Fredrichs and Sourabh Satish, Pangea is concentrating on cloud applications, one of the most rapidly growing and sensitive areas of cybersecurity. The company provides security services for cloud and mobile app developers, SaaS platform providers and security operations.

Increased demand for security integration

Recently, there has been increased demand and incentive to assure security not only at the network level, but also within applications. At the application level, security measures try to prevent data or code within the app from being stolen or hijacked. A developer will have to write security code from scratch to add security and compliance features to every application.

With Pangea, developers can now go to a single, trusted source to rapidly and simply integrate security services and APIs into their applications. Pangea’s solution is similar to Amazon Web Services‘concept, except that it focuses on cybersecurity and includes several dozen API-based microservices.

The coronavirus outbreak forced businesses to expedite their digital transformation initiatives. With this shift, developers working remotely on cloud-native apps will have more integrated security in their coding environments and application security teams will be tasked with aiding faster development cycles rather than merely discovering vulnerabilities.

Pangea says it’s focused on removing the complexity of application security and making the developer’s journey to integrate security and compliance into their apps as simpler. Pangea assists enterprises that want to bring secure, compliant cloud and mobile applications to market, as well as SOCs that wish to automate more efficiently via APIs.

Pangea’s tools and competition

Every organization nowadays is producing software in some form or another,but it’s unrealistic to expect every software architect to be a security expert. “Pangea is taking a sensible approach with superb staff and attractive technology. We’re eager to work with the Pangea team to transform how the world thinks about security in apps.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Barmak Meftah, general partner at Ballistic Ventures

Although cloud-based services have grown in popularity, they have become more difficult to secure and many developers lack the expertise and resources to provide safe user experiences. According to Friedrichs, Pangea is grabbing the opportunity to provide builders with the tools they need to create a compliant and secure consumer experience in a more efficient and timely manner.

Along with its services, such as Secure Audit Logging, Secure Object Store, Secure File Share and Digital Embargo Check, the company plans to partner with third-party API providers to aggregate and offer third-party APIs. The company says Pangea’s Secure Audit Logging and Redact services are available through the company’s early access program.

The series A funding round was led by Ballistic Ventures with additional participation.