Only 6% of companies have adopted AI, study finds

In a new survey of over 700 C-suite executives and IT decision-makers examining AI adoption in the enterprise, Juniper Networks found that 95% of respondents believe their organization would benefit from embedding AI into their daily operations. However, only 6% of those respondents reported adoption of AI-powered solutions across their business.

The findings agree with other surveys showing that, despite enthusiasm around AI, companies struggle to deploy AI-powered services in production. Enterprise use of AI grew a whopping 270% over the past several years, Gartner recently reported, while Deloitte says 62% of respondents to its corporate October 2018 study adopted some form of AI, up from 53% in 2019. But adoption doesn’t always meet with success, as the roughly 25% of businesses that have seen half their AI projects fail will tell you.