neXt Evolution of Tintri VMstore Breaks Out of the Data Center and Into the Cloud

Tintri®, a DDN® subsidiary and the leading provider of auto adaptive, workload intelligent platforms, is celebrating its 10th anniversary of product availability with the “next” evolution of Tintri’s VMstore® series. Expanding on its purpose-built, auto-adaptive VMstore platform, Tintri’s new Virtual Series incorporates 10 unique features that comprise the company’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) approach. The Virtual Series offers autonomous QOS, predictive analytics, distributed data services, and ease of use in a robust and efficient virtual data workload management platform for hybrid cloud ecosystems.  

As businesses continue to adapt to the massive influx of data and mobile workforces, there is a critical need to implement a more flexible and interconnected IT ecosystem to manage the size and complexity of applications. IT departments must not only manage code updates and new features for these applications, but also the underlying infrastructure which affects workflows while protecting data from being compromised due to ransomware and other impacts. Tintri has seen the movement toward containerization in hybrid IT environments and has adapted its intelligent analytics to enhance locality, security, and predictive failure and recovery capabilities.

We are in close collaboration with our customers and partners and understand the challenges they continue to face as data and application implementation becomes more distributed, Because of our unique architecture meant specifically for virtual data sets, we are perfectly positioned to meet these new customer challenges and bring tremendous value by rapidly advancing the technology needed to address these new industry dynamics. By decoupling Tintri’s AI-powered software from our hardware platform, VMstore customers can now deploy the efficient, transparent and easy-to-use data management platform they’re accustomed to with Tintri.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Phil Trickovic, SVP of Revenue, Tintri.

Businesses have consistently turned to Tintri for ease of use, predictable performance, and stable service. Customers rely on Tintri to help reduce overhead costs and resources required to manage IT operations, particularly when integrating a cloud strategy. Tintri enables customers to focus on strengthening business operations, leveraging the platform’s intelligence to stay ahead of the curve. Tintri VMstore is purpose-built for virtualized workloads and is now taking this same approach to develop the virtual version of VMstore technology, opening the door to new levels of infrastructure efficiency in hybrid cloud ecosystems.