Make Microlearning More Effective By Using Chatbots

If I ask you, “What is the most popular format for microlearning?” your response would most likely be “videos.” For most of us, videos have become synonymous with microlearning. Interesting videos with the right storyline, engaging graphics, and optimal speed can be a great microlearning aid. But even when they come with a lot of benefits, videos are hard to maintain and update frequently. Considering this challenge, can you think of an easier approach that can be considered for developing microlearning? Personally, I learn well through Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Short questions and precise answers can make learning really effective. Owing to technology advancement, we can now create chatbots to consume nuggets of information in a question-and-answer format. A learner can ask a question and get a quick short answer at the point of need. These bots can be updated easily for frequently changing content and changes can be displayed to learners immediately.

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