Keeping up with data: SaaS, unstructured data and securing it with identity

Grady Summers, executive vice-president, product at SailPoint, discusses the need for data protection to keep up with the surge in SaaS applications, and how identity security can help

Data is said to be the oil of the digital age – lucrative fuel for business operations to grow. But just like oil, the proliferation of data brings its own set of challenges. In 2020 alone, the amount of data created grew to 59ZB. Plentiful in volume, this begs the question: how do we keep it under control and secure?

It has been reported there are over 60,000 “hacking attempts” every day in the UK alone – a number only set to increase as remote working has weakened organisations’ traditional security perimeter of the office, creating multiple access points for hackers to gain entry. But there is also another issue plaguing the IT team: just how much data is at stake?

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