How APIs Will Democratize Access to Low-Cost Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As a part of ProgrammableWeb’s ongoing series of on-demand re-broadcasts of presentations that are given at the monthly Washington, DC-Area API meetup (anyone can attend), this article offers a video recording, and audio-only podcast, and a full transcript of the Feb 4, 2020 discussion given by Capital One’s director of API and Event Streaming Platform Services Matthew Reinbold.

As of late, Reinbold has been investing a significant amount of his time into learning more about the application and implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the enterprise. As Reinbold points out in his presentation (embedded below), the subject of AI covers and expansive waterfront with dozens of new papers being published about the topic on a nearly daily basis. It’s far too much for any one human to consume and so it helps to narrow one’s studies down to a one or more specialized niches. Given his enterprise roots, Reinbold’s area of interest naturally drifted towards machine learning (ML). That shouldn’t be too surprising given how enterprises — particularly financial institutions — are awash in data and in order for ML-driven AI to be useful, the machine that’s doing the learning needs tons of data to sort through.

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