How AI is helping to speed up the sales cycle amid Covid-19

Tom Castley, vice-president of sales – EMEA at Outreach, discusses how AI has helped to speed up the sales cycle amid Covid-19

Many in the business world may believe that, amid the pandemic, the sales cycle is becoming longer and more arduous, with a lowered chance of success. The economic doom and gloom forecasts naturally lead us towards this kind of thinking, as we continue to be fed stories of plummeting consumer confidence and the impact of the virus on GDP and industry growth.

However, the lockdowns across countries have shown that many jobs can be done well, regardless of where workers are physically based. For sales teams that are now working remotely, the Covid-19 crisis has provided an opportunity to focus on essentials, free from the distraction of travel: closing deals. That said, they remain under pressure to meet their numbers amid a recession.

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