HFS Enterprise AI Services Top 10 Report

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be perceived as a buzzword, but it is undoubtedly also cementing itself as a key change agent in the way enterprises do business. Its capacity to derive deep insights from unstructured data, to learn and improve from its activity, and to optimize business operations means that despite still being a nascent technology, its value to organizations is clear. Delivering AI services is a complex and challenging endeavor, as service providers advise clients on a constantly evolving set of technologies, develop talent pools with an increasingly diversifying set of skills, and invest in R&D to create proprietary IP. Read More




According to DAMA International, “Data governance is the exercise of authority and control (planning, monitoring, and enforcement) over the management


Data Governance Methodology

Modern data governance leaders are searching for the role that governance should play in delivering high-quality data. Read More See


How to Budget for Your Data Warehouse Modernization Project

Budgeting for a data transformation project is an enormous task that many leaders struggle to complete. Read More   See


Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact of Data Virtualization Using the Denodo Platform

If you are considering or planning to deploy data virtualization technology but are indecisive because you are not able to


Machine Learning on Arm Cortex-M Microcontrollers

Machine learning (ML) algorithms are moving to the IoT edge due to various considerations such as latency, power consumption, cost,


A Multipronged Approach to Cybersecurity

In this whitepaper, learn how a managed security services provider like GDS can help your organization take a multi-pronged approach


Making Data-Driven Investment Decisions

Access this white paper to learn why asset management firms need to invest in data science capabilities, and explore resources


Meet Modern Compliance: Using Ai And Data To Manage Business Risk Better

Compliance expectations from government entities like the U.S. Department of Justice are increasingly strict, as organizations are now openly expected


How to Accelerate Machine Learning Development

While organizations across the board are looking to reap the benefits of AI and machine learning (ML), 50% of leaders


A Beginners Guide to Conversational AI

The value of conversational AI is clear to many organizations—meaning it’s time to take the next step and begin setting


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Veritone Powers Cameo Kids’ Personalized Videos for Fans with AI Voice Technology

Veritone, Inc., the creators of aiWARE, a hyper-scalable enterprise AI platform, has announced that it will provide selected animated voice


Why Everyone’s Obsessed With ChatGPT, a Mind-Blowing AI Chatbot

ChatGPT is a brand-new AI bot in town. And you had better pay attention. The chatbot responds to your inquiries

Cloud Awards

Shield Selected as Finalist in the 2022-2023 Cloud Awards

Today, Shield, the top communication compliance platform in the world, is pleased to announce that it has been shortlisted for


ZIRO First To Market With Dubber AI For Every User Via Microsoft Teams

ZIRO First To Market With Dubber AI For Every User Via Microsoft Teams ZIRO, based in South Denver, Colorado, which


Deep-Learning Model Assists Researchers in Obtaining Useable EHR Data

Researchers from MIT reported how a deep-learning model helped clean up her data, resulting in information extraction and more precise