Hewlett Packard Enterprise collaborates with NVIDIA to deliver an enterprise-class, full-stack GenAI solution

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) announced an expanded strategic collaboration with NVIDIA to build an enterprise computing solution for generative AI (GenAI). The co-engineered, pre-configured AI tuning and inferencing solution enables enterprises of any size to quickly customize foundation models using private data and deploy production applications anywhere, from edge to cloud. The offering removes the complexity of developing and deploying GenAI infrastructure with a full-stack AI tuning and inferencing solution from HPE and NVIDIA.

As enterprises develop and deploy GenAI models for use cases such as conversational search, business process automation and content creation, they require a software and infrastructure stack that can be deployed quickly and from wherever the business needs it. The new enterprise computing solution for generative AI is part of an expanded collaboration between HPE and NVIDIA that delivers full-stack, out-of-the-box AI solutions. These solutions integrate HPE Machine Learning Development Environment Software, HPE Ezmeral Software, HPE ProLiant Compute and HPE Cray Supercomputers with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite, including the NVIDIA NeMo framework.


“Together, HPE and NVIDIA are in a unique position to deliver a comprehensive AI-native solution that will dramatically ease the journey to develop and deploy AI models with a portfolio of pre-configured solutions,” said Antonio Neri, president and CEO, at HPE. “The strategic collaboration between HPE and NVIDIA will dramatically reduce barriers for customers looking to transform their businesses with AI.”


“The generative AI era is ramping at full speed, with enterprises racing to reimagine their businesses,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO, NVIDIA. “Our expanded collaboration with HPE will help enterprises drive unprecedented productivity through AI applications that connect with business data to power accurate assistants, informed chatbots and semantic search.”

Drive AI velocity with a purpose-built AI tuning and inferencing solution

The enterprise computing solution for generative AI is a new AI tuning and inferencing data center solution that provides the ideal entry point for enterprises of all sizes with a ready-out-of-the-box offering to quickly start their AI journey.

With the new enterprise computing solution for generative AI, enterprises can use pretrained foundation models with their private data to create production applications such as AI chatbots. In addition, retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) workstreams further improve the data quality and accuracy of the application.

Purpose-built and optimized for AI: A rack-scale architecture featuring market-leading HPE ProLiant Compute DL380a pre-configured with NVIDIA L40S GPUs, NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs and the NVIDIA Spectrum-X Ethernet Networking Platform for hyperscale AI. The solution was sized to fine-tune a 70 billion-parameter Llama 2 model and includes 16 HPE ProLiant DL380a servers and 64 L40S GPUs.

HPE AI software: HPE Machine Learning Development Environment Software with new generative AI studio capabilities to rapidly prototype and test models, and HPE Ezmeral Software with new GPU-aware capabilities to simplify deployment and accelerate data preparation for AI workloads across the hybrid cloud

NVIDIA AI software: NVIDIA AI Enterprise to accelerate production AI development and deployment with security, stability, manageability and support. It offers the NVIDIA NeMo framework, guardrailing toolkits, data curation tools and pretrained models to streamline enterprise GenAI.

HPE Services to advance an enterprise’s journey to AI

HPE Services now provides a broad portfolio of consulting services, workforce training and deployment solutions. The new AI services take customers through every step of the journey: from GenAI and LLM discovery to implementation, where customers develop the optimum operational models and hybrid cloud data strategies needed to build, deploy and scale solutions into transformative outcomes. These comprehensive services are supported by new Global Centers of Excellence for AI and Data now open in Spain, United States, Bulgaria, India and Tunisia.


HPE accelerates AI training with new turnkey solution powered by NVIDIA

At SC23, HPE announced a turnkey supercomputing solution powered by NVIDIA for large enterprises, research institutions and government organizations to address the first phase of the AI lifecycle: developing and training foundational models. The enterprise computing solution for generative AI is a smaller form-factor AI solution for enterprise customers that are focused on tuning and inferencing.

New AI-native architecture and hybrid cloud solutions to accelerate AI model development and deployment

At HPE Discover Barcelona 2023, HPE announced its new open, full-stack AI-native architecture and the next series of AI-native and hybrid cloud offerings for machine learning development, data analytics, AI-optimized file storage, AI tuning and inferencing and professional services.