FPT Software Launches MaaZ – A full suite of AUTOSAR Safety and Efficiency Solutions

FPT Software Launches MaaZ :

At two international auto shows, Automotive USA 2022 hosted by Reuters (Michigan, USA), and Automotive World Nagoya (Nagoya, Japan), FPT Software, a global partner for the development of the Software-Defined Vehicle, concluded the month of October by unveiling its new automotive software solution stack, MaaZ, as well as its new Vietnamese headquarters.

For global chipmakers, tier-1 automotive suppliers, and Car OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), MaaZ offers a full suite of AUTOSAR safety and efficiency solutions and helps them navigate the challenging world of AUTOSAR compliance.

In order to increase safety, environmental friendliness, and overall performance, AUTOSAR, a global development cooperation of interested parties, facilitates the standardisation of automotive electronic systems. MaaZ includes a wide variety of integrated, highly effective AUTOSAR solutions that are designed to speed up product development and minimise overall costs for FPT Software partners.

“We couldn’t be happier with the reception we received from top-tier players in the automotive space at two of the industry’s biggest events”, “We spoke to more than 400 major names in the automotive industry and 1,339 already existing customers, and we share in their excitement for the efficient and adaptable solutions MaaZ will provide.”        Kinh Nguyen, Senior Vice President, Head of Automotive & Manufacturing Vertical Industries, FPT Software.

MaaZ provides a wide range of services to FPT Software’s automotive partners, including tying automobiles into larger technological systems, intelligent electric vehicle charging solutions, safety and security features for automobile systems and software, and comes with FPT Software’s training, coaching, and consulting for best use.

MaaZ offers safe and high-quality software services from FPT Software, leveraging the company’s decades of expertise working with the world’s leading chipmakers, tier-1 automotive suppliers, and OEMs, in addition to being adaptable to clients’ work styles.

“Introducing MaaZ to the world is another milestone in FPT Software’s mission to provide high-quality support to automotive manufacturers worldwide”, “This end-to-end turnkey solution with ready-made platforms, tools, and services will accelerate the AUTOSAR standardization process and is designed to help our OEM partners save time, money, and labor.”                                                                                                                              Kinh Nguyen, Senior Vice President, Head of Automotive & Manufacturing Vertical Industries, FPT Software.

This new MaaZ service is the most recent example of FPT Software’s unwavering dedication to upholding strict safety and quality guidelines. Since 2012, they have been assisting their automotive partners in the AUTOSAR market along this path.