Embrace Closes Funding Round to Transform How Engineering Teams Build Better, Bolder Mobile Experiences

Embrace, the solution to help engineers create better mobile experiences, shares its continued success in driving mobile transformation with growth funding announcement worth 20 million USD. The inner round, a testament to the full support of all previous major investors, was led by the NEA with participation from Greycroft, AV8 (Allianz) and Eniac.

The new funding is dedicated to continuing product innovation to help mobile teams create the best mobile experiences, underpinned by the launch of Embrace’s innovative new brand, focusing on “people build” mobile experiences that consumers love.

“Embrace has an impressive client roster, including companies like Discover, Marriott, and The New York Times, reflecting how invaluable they’ve become for the mobile success of the biggest brands in the world,”
“Usage of mobile apps is growing rapidly, and a massive part of the market segment is still operating on legacy tools. There’s a huge gap between what providers in the Observability space are delivering, and what mobile engineers want and need to really delight their users.”
Aaron Jacobson, Partner at NEA.
“Sitting at the intersection of mobile technology and pop culture, Cameo must consistently move at lightning speed. Embrace has fundamentally changed how we manage our mobile app so we can quickly identify issues and in turn continue to create flawless, personalized fan experiences.”
Dom Scandinaro, SVP of Engineering & Data, Cameo.
“Before we deploy a new release to every user, we check Embrace to see the impact of any issues that may arise. We remained 99.99% crash-free during a record traffic period, and we were able to focus on making the experience flawless for our very dedicated users.”
Chris To, VP of Technology at GOAT.
“Embrace helps our team ensure that our app experience is as simple and soothing as our real-world products. As a company dedicated to rest and wellbeing, it’s crucial that the mobile experience we provide is smooth, calming, and easily connects users to their dream machine devices. Embrace gives us the insights and confidence to continually deliver on this promise.”
Chris Lavender, Vice President of Software Engineering at Hatch.

Capture more than double its workforce in 18 months, create key products and hire engineering.

Notably, Embrace has added Andrew Tunall as vice president and chief product officer. Tunall, formerly New Relic’s vice president of product, where he led Observability, focuses on innovating data-driven tools for engineers to proactively optimize mobile experiences.

“A lot of monitoring and observability tools are fire alarms and insurance. They tell you when things are on fire, and engineers hope they don’t have to use them. We see adoption of Embrace by mobile engineers is around 8x that of tools built for Ops,”
“This means your engineers are more proactive in discovering user-impacting issues before bad app store reviews or support emails get sent, and you create a culture of building for user delight rather than fire-fighting.”
Andrew Tunall, Head of Product at Embrace.

Anuj Jaiswal also joins Embrace as Vice President of R&D. Previously at VMware through the acquisition of Arkin, he led the business to 150% year-over-year revenue growth. With two decades leading R&D teams, Jaiswal emphasizes development, product design and engineering excellence.

Embrace has added Dan Wright, formerly COO of AppDynamics and CEO of DataRobot, as a new member of its board of directors. Wright brings a unique combination of AI and APM expertise to enhance Embrace’s strategic plans to continue growing on a critical toolkit for the entire mobile team.

“Leaders today are required to make mobile a strategic driver of their businesses,”
“With a shared mission alongside our investors and board, Embrace is addressing the ambitious future of mobile development by empowering builders who value the user.”
Eric Futoran, co-founder and CEO of Embrace.