Digimind Introduces the Ultimate Social Listening Solution, Fueled with AI Sense and ChatGPT

Digimind introduces the first social listening solution that integrates two powerful AI engines, giving users a comprehensive understanding of their online presence.

Combining Digimind AI Sense and OpenAI ChatGPT, this solution provides a seamless way to collect, analyze and process online conversations.

Digimind AI Sense is the data scientist behind the operation, detecting spikes and giving you the data you need. ChatGPT, on the other hand, acts as a business analyst, providing a quick summary of insights gleaned from your data.

Digimind AI Sense accesses the latest posts on social media, blogs, reviews, podcasts, and more to recognize important events on any brand or topic. For each event, recognize the metrics that matter most, including reach, brand impact, and key mentions. This information is sent to ChatGPT, which analyzes it in real-time and summarizes it in plain English as if it were written by a human analyst.

When a crisis strikes or a brand story begins (positive or negative), AI Sense can detect and identify key themes, key influencers, and more. ChatGPT, on the other hand, uses this data to create summaries of thousands of mentions in real-time. Whether it’s a tweet, a forum, or blog post, or even a podcast, there’s no need to scroll through news and articles to understand their nature, trends in and out, buzz, or potential crises occurring. is not.
A summary is automatically provided to the user that explains the reason behind the spike in a few sentences.

This new enhancement in Digimind Social is also able to provide instantaneous analysis of:

  • The effectiveness of a brand or competitor campaign, allowing you to better analyze product launches, for example
  • Viral concepts and consumer-favorite themes,
  • The creation and propagation of spontaneous popular hashtags to perceive emerging trends,
  • The virality of influencers according to their speech or campaign theme…

Now you can cut this analysis time to just a few seconds, allowing the Marketing and Communication Teams to efficiently take the appropriate actions.

“I’m really proud to announce that by joining the forces of these two AIs, Digimind is able to launch the most powerful Social Listening solution on the market. It is as if each user gets full access to two dedicated analysts: one data scientist, and one business analyst 24/24, 7/7. This saves hours of analysis and allows our clients to react much faster by having an instant brief on the situation.”
Paul Vivant, Digimind CEO.

With this new social listening solution, marketing and communications teams can monitor a company’s online reputation and gain valuable insights from online conversations about brands.

The technology is designed to be easy to use and highly effective, making it a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.