Dig launches cloud data detection and response platform

Today, cloud data security provider Dig emerged from stealth with $11 million in seed funding with a new Data Detection and Response (DDR) solution.

Dig’s DRR solution discovers data assets stored in the cloud in platform-as-a-service (PaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and database-as-a-service (DBaaS) environments and provides real-time protection and response capabilities for those assets. This way, users can understand how data is being used and whether it’s protected or not.

For enterprises, DRR solutions have the potential to offer greater transparency over data assets stored in the cloud that traditional security tools have failed to protect.

Protecting data in multicloud environments 

While cloud computing has grown increasingly popular over the last decade, organizations in all industries have suffered from increased complexity and decreased transparency over where data is stored and how it’s protected.

In fact, research shows even though 76% of organizations are utilizing two or more cloud providers, 78% of cyber security professionals claim traditional security solutions either don’t work at all or have limited functionality in cloud environments

Most large enterprises today are operating across multiple clouds and have dozens of different types of data stores. This fragmentation prevents organizations from securing and controlling their cloud data stores to adhere to compliance regulations and prevent data breaches.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Dan Benjamin, cofounder, and CEO of Dig

This lack of visibility is something that Dig aims to address with agentless cloud monitoring of data assets stored in the cloud.

“With Dig, organizations get instant visibility to all their data stores (PaaS, IaaS, and DBaaS), understand how they are being used and what they hold and lastly provide real-time protection for any data interaction.”

A look at the cloud security market 

The announcement comes as more organizations invest in cloud security. The global cloud security market is expected to grow from $8.33 billion in 2020 to reach a value of $36.43 billion by 2028.

Dig is competing against a wide range of providers in the market, including Cyera, which launched out of stealth earlier this year with $60 million in funding. Cyera offers an agentless solution that provides real-time visibility of data stored in the cloud, providing context on what the data is, and remediation guidelines to protect exposed data.

Another one of Dig’s competitors, Open Raven, has a platform that can automatically inventory cloud data stores and classify data, while enabling users to deploy out-of-the-box or custom data exposure policies to monitor if data is exposed outside acceptable security controls. Open Raven most recently raised $15 million in funding in 2020.

Despite the competition in the space, Benjamin argues that Dig distinguishes itself from other competitors because it provides active protection for data stores and is built by a team who “have deep knowledge in analysing and threat-modelling data stores to monitor for any malicious or erroneous activity happening in cloud data stores.”