Dell Launched a New Global Loyalty Program With Exclusive web3 Data Storage Benefits Provided by Oort

Dell Technologies has partnered with Oort, a Web3 data cloud service provider, to launch a new global loyalty program with decentralized data storage. The program will be available to customers in Canada on July 7, 2023, to users in the United States from July 26, 2023, and thereafter to more than 10 million customers in the rest of the world.

Oort has provided Dell customers with Decentralized Storage Service (DSS) including data storage and migration that helps bridge the gap between web2 and web3 in data services and allows users to store , securely move and recover data from anywhere, anytime. In addition, it saves up to 60% compared to today’s most popular solutions.

The new decentralized hosting service is more accessible to web2 users. They don’t need to understand the intricacies of web3 and can simply enjoy privacy, security, and cost-effectiveness.

“We chose to partner with Dell because of their global presence, established reputation for reliability, and commitment to innovation. By integrating our web3 data cloud services into their loyalty program, we are able to offer a seamless and secure customer experience backed by the trust and expertise of Dell,”
“Our web3 data cloud offers a unique and innovative approach to Dell’s loyalty program by leveraging cutting-edge decentralized technology to provide enhanced privacy, reliability, and cost efficiency. Additionally, it allows for seamless integration with other web3 applications and services, providing users with full control over their data anywhere anytime.”
 Dr. Max Li, founder & CEO of Oort.

For web3 data cloud services, Oort has used a decentralized three-tier node architecture to achieve enterprise-grade performance:

  • Supernodes that support compute and database capabilities provided by Oort partners, public and private cloud servers.
  • Edge nodes support storage, data transfer capabilities, and improve the scalability, speed, and overall performance provided by Oort edge devices “Deimos”.
  • Backup nodes that serve as data backup and archive provided by current decentralized storage networks such as IPFS.

The launch of Dell’s newest loyalty program, Dell Rewards, is designed to drive strong engagement and deliver exceptional value to the program’s vast network of more than 10 million members. friendly products around the world. With a focus on enhancing members’ lifestyles and businesses by fueling their passions and pursuits, this innovative program features a range of industry-leading features, services, and services. member-only offers that specifically address the unique needs of Dell’s key customers.

Comprised of carefully selected Dell and partner platforms, each offering members-only benefits tailored to Dell loyal customers, this loyalty program is designed to redefine customer satisfaction. Among these platforms, the inclusion of Oort DSS, the only web3 service in the program, reflects Dell’s commitment to continuously delivering pioneering products to its valuable customer base.

Dell Rewards is committed to fostering stronger connections, providing exceptional support, and ushering in a new era of unparalleled service and innovation for its loyal customers.