Imperva addresses enterprise and public sector data security needs for critical and sensitive workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

data security needs :

Imperva, Inc., a recognised innovator in cybersecurity with a goal to assist businesses in securing their data and all access points to it, today declared it is integrating Oracle Cloud Infrastructure into its award-winning hybrid data protection platform (OCI). Customers find the transition to be simple as a result, and automated compliance monitoring of cloud-based data instances is made possible. Customers of Oracle Cloud will benefit from Imperva Data Security Fabric (DSF), which has been granted Powered by Oracle Cloud Expertise status and is now accessible on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

By offering scalability and a more straightforward infrastructure, Imperva DSF offers unified data-centric security controls throughout the data area. When business customers switch from geographically dispersed data centres to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Imperva Data Security Fabric assists in the discovery and protection of sensitive data types, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Additionally, Oracle Database 19c and Oracle Database 21c, as well as Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, are all supported by Imperva DSF (ADW). Imperva is a part of the Oracle Partner Network as well (OPN).

“The cloud offers tremendous opportunities for our partner community”, “Imperva’s commitment to innovation in partnership with Oracle Cloud coupled with expert execution can help our mutual customers through cloud-based cybersecurity solutions specialized to address critical business needs.”                                                                                      David Hicks, group vice president, Worldwide ISV Cloud Business Development, Oracle.


“Improving the customer experience is a top priority for companies driving digital transformation. As customers become more aware of the value of their data and the risks it poses, it’s important for enterprises to consider security and data protection as part of this transformation”, “For Oracle customers looking to move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Imperva Data Security Fabric can provide visibility and automation in any environment and help protect critical data at every stage of the migration.”                                           Jennifer Glenn, Research Director of the IDC Security and Trust Group


“Imperva and Oracle have been working together for years, helping mutual customers monitor and secure their sensitive data”, “We are excited to announce that we have expanded our platform to customers migrating their data to OCI with Imperva Data Security Fabric, now available in the Oracle Cloud marketplace.”                                                         Dan Neault, senior vice president and general manager, Data Security, Imperva.

The flexibility of cloud computing is hindered by security’s complexity.

IT has undergone a revolution thanks to the cloud, which has strategically accelerated enterprises’ adoption of new market initiatives and operational adaptation to changing business opportunities and constraints. However, in the past, cloud adoption has been hindered by confusion about how to best address security threats and guarantee regulatory compliance.

Organizations have attempted to adapt standard database security tools to their cloud settings due to key distinctions between on-premises and cloud database systems. The installation of agents on database as a service (DBaaS) applications and the practical restrictions of passing all cloud database traffic through a proxy service are just a few of the inescapable limits they frequently encounter. Organizations now employ a patchwork of many tools as a result of this. This strategy raises the possibility of human error, needlessly raising the possibility of a breach or compliance error.

The strain on data security teams to manually maintain compliance updates, records, and audit trails is reduced, and in some cases eliminated, by the automation of many data security and regulatory compliance tasks. By grouping security processes including data activity monitoring, sensitive data discovery, classification, compliance, risk analysis, and threat detection, Imperva DSF can assist save time and lower data security expenses.

Imperva DSF, which is powered by Oracle Cloud, offers information security leaders a strategy for achieving security, compliance, and governance results. Through a single point of administration, integration with existing IT security investments, and extensive database coverage, security teams can benefit from the streamlined protection of the wide ecosystem of company data.

Oracle Cloud Expertise Overpowered

OPN members with solutions that use Oracle Cloud are recognised by the phrase “Powered by Oracle Cloud Expertise.” Customers are assured that the partner application is supported by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service agreement by partners who have earned the Powered by Oracle Cloud Expertise certification. This ensures that customers have complete visibility and control over their cloud infrastructure services and guarantees consistent performance.

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