Darktrace Announces Five New Customers in The Critical Infrastructure Sector Globally

Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security artificial intelligence, today announced that it has expanded its customer base across the critical infrastructure sector, signing contracts with new customers in several regions.

Darktrace’s new customers in this sector include:

  • A global maritime trade organization serving over 100 countries
  • A major oil refinery in Scandinavia with several hundred employees
  • A European science organization focused on global renewable energy projects
  • A UK-based waste management company operating a fleet of over 100 vehicles
  • A US-based wholesale electrical distributor founded over 100 years ago

Critical infrastructure organizations, particularly in energy and utilities, have come under increased pressure this year amidst global geopolitical tensions. Supplies have been squeezed and the potential impact of an outage, even from a single distributor, has skyrocketed. Cyber-attackers have targeted the sector in a bid to disrupt the supply of vital services and hold companies to ransom at such a precarious time. Additionally, the sector is often reliant on operational technology and industrial control systems, many of which are in remote or inhospitable locations – making it even harder to deploy the necessary security measures.

Darktrace’s AI can protect the IT and OT of organizations of all shapes and sizes. It delivers complete visibility across the digital ecosystem, continually learning and updating its knowledge of how an organization operates and what ‘normal’ looks like. Using this understanding, Darktrace DETECTTM can spot the subtle deviations of an attack. Darktrace RESPONDTM then autonomously takes targeted action to contain the threat, without interrupting business operations. Darktrace PREVENTTM enables organizations to stay ahead of attackers by using its knowledge of the business to pre-empt threats and proactively mitigate cyber risk. These technologies augment the human security team and empower organizations to build cyber resilience and minimize disruption.

Critical infrastructure forms the backbone of our economies, delivering the vital services that help society to function. Any interruption to these services has immediate repercussions on people’s day-to-day lives, we are proud to be protecting even more of these organizations as we continue to pursue our mission of freeing the world of cyber disruption, using our AI technology to ensure vital services can run uninterrupted for the millions of people that depend on them.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Poppy Gustafsson OBE, CEO at Darktrace.