CloudFactory launches Accelerated Annotation, a new Vision AI product

Accelerated Annotation, a Vision AI product that combines CloudFactory’s best-in-class workforce with industry-leading AI-assisted labelling technology, produces high-quality labelled data 5 times quicker than manual labelling. CloudFactory is a global pioneer in human-in-the-loop AI.

The demand for more efficiency and scalability in data labelling processes is being driven by the rapid growth of AI innovation and competitiveness. Through the combination of an established managed workforce operation and an adaptable AI-assisted labelling strategy, Accelerated Annotation offers a balanced approach to annotation quality and speed.

“Some companies excel at workforce solutions, while others excel at tooling. CloudFactory’s new product strategically combines them into a single best-in-class offering”, “We’re filling a gap for companies that want to increase their labeling efficiency and scale while improving quality. This is all made possible by using an adaptive labeling model that’s continuously trained by your data rather than one that’s off-the-shelf.”

Pieter Nel, Chief Technology Officer at CloudFactory

The AI-assisted labelling capabilities of Accelerated Annotation are designed to be as effective as possible. Early users of Accelerated Annotation reported large increases in labelling productivity without sacrificing quality. For use cases involving 2-D picture annotation, the solution presently covers the most popular annotation types.

“CloudFactory’s Accelerated Annotation offers a compelling platform backed by a reliable workforce. We saw 75% efficiency gains and preserved quality, and having a personal, collaborative relationship with their workforce allowed them to provide us with useful feedback throughout the process, giving us exactly what we were looking for in a partner”

Julian Seidenberg, Head of Artificial Intelligence at photography AI company, Narrative

With the introduction of Accelerated Annotation, CloudFactory continues to be a leader in enabling data-centric solutions throughout the whole AI development lifecycle.