Claris Connect launches to give low-code workflow automation to small business

Claris International Inc., a subsidiary of Apple Inc., today announced the launch of a powerful workflow automation platform designed for the real-world software development challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses.

Claris Connect links manual and automatic processes through the cloud both onsite and remotely in order to streamline and automate business processes and development workflows. The platform provides integration, orchestration and automation for numerous third-party apps, including Box and DocuSign, without the need to code.

“The right path to being cloud-first is to be cloud-smart,” said Claris Chief Executive Brad Freitag. “That means giving problem solvers all the power of the cloud  sharing, rapid deployment, scalability  without losing connection to the real world. For more than 20 years, Claris has been the go-to solution to deliver apps that fit the white space between existing applications.”

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