Clarifai Announces Launch of Clarifai Community – The World’s AI Community for Developers

Clarifai, the leading Artificial Intelligence platform for unstructured image, video, text, and audio data, announced the launch of Clarifai Community–the World’s AI Community. Built for AI creators and developers, Community enables users to develop and share AI resources throughout their enterprise or organization, even collaborating with the public. These capabilities can propel organizations to deploy AI across a myriad of different use cases and applications.

“There are less than 100,000 data scientists that are truly capable of building deep learning technology in the world today, and this is not enough to make AI accessible to everyone. Our goal is to empower the 50 million global developers to build AI–and nobody else is as focused on that as we are,” said Matt Zeiler, CEO of Clarifai. “And with our no-code UIs we are also helping business operators adopt AI quickly with a no-code experience.”

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