Assurance built for the 5G era: delivering high-quality services in the next generation

Communications service providers (CSPs) are rolling out 5G networks that will enable a wide array of use cases and innovative new services, many of which will support enterprises’ critical business functions and needs. CSPs must therefore ensure that the quality of their networks and the services provisioned over them remain high and that they meet increased expectations. Assurance tools for 5G networks and services must be purposebuilt with new and diverse monitoring solutions that can gather data from a variety of sources. Tools such as containerised probes, OpenTracing and network telemetry can provide highly granular and real-time data in containerised 5G environments. These monitoring solutions must also collect service data, which can be correlated with network data to gain a holistic and end-to-end view of the network from the customer’s perspective, thereby enabling efficient troubleshooting and advanced automation capabilities.

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