AppLovin AI Advancements to Accelerate Partner Growth

AppLovin Corporation, a leading marketing platform, has announced new AI enhancements to its mobile user acquisition (UA) platform, AppDiscovery. By leveraging more powerful models to enhance the AXON engine behind AppDiscovery, it helps partners achieve their campaign goals with greater accuracy, improved performance, and speed at scale larger global scale.

“We have been working to upgrade our advertising algorithm with the latest AI techniques and we are very excited about the early results,”
“Our advertisers are benefiting from increased automation and seeing better return on ad spend (ROAS), at a much larger scale. We believe this paves the way for materially more opportunity and growth for our partners over the coming years.”
Adam Foroughi, CEO and Co-founder, at AppLovin.


“AppDiscovery’s AI advancements have led to substantial growth in our ROAS campaigns.”
 Can Salih Yarangümelioğlu, Marketing Director at Peak.

AppDiscovery’s advancements include:

  • Greater automation: More accurately determines where to spend to best deliver on performance goals – across geographies, devices, apps and more. The need for manual optimization and campaign filtering is effectively eliminated, resulting in increased efficiency for advertisers of all sizes.
  • Increased accuracy: Improvements in targeting have resulted in improved alignment with advertiser campaign goals that closely deliver on campaign targets, enabling greater control and confidence in UA spend.
  • Improved campaign effectiveness: Advertisers can run multiple campaign types to acquire users with different, but complementary, retention and ROAS curves. This identifies which campaigns work best to achieve specific targets and reveals new incremental audiences to engage with.
  • More agile campaigns: AppLovin’s models learn fast, so costs associated with learning phases have been significantly reduced. Advertisers can immediately start running advanced campaign types, allowing them to hit targets faster.
  • Global expansion: Advertisers can now find high-value users worldwide instead of focusing on a smaller set of regional markets. Running a single global campaign enables marketers to realize massive scale while hitting their target objectives.
“Ultimately, it’s about improving outcomes,”
“Investing further in the latest AI technologies to enhance our systems improves advertising quality to provide better experiences for advertisers and their consumers. This, in turn, drives increased conversion rates for a higher return on ad spend allowing for business acceleration.”
said Idil Canal, General Manager of AdTech at AppLovin.