Applied Launches Fully Browser-Native Version of Applied Epic

Applied Systems® today announced the launch of a fully browser-native version of Applied Epic, the most widely used and fastest-growing agency management system in the world. As part Applied Epic’s transformation to an open, API-based platform, new browser-native Applied Epic provides an industry-standard approach to software development, creating a simpler user experience, speeding up access to the application and new capabilities, and reducing software management overhead.

By streamlining frequently used workflows and increasing the ability to deliver more frequent releases, the browser-native platform enables agents to more easily learn the system between releases and during onboarding. The browser enables a single access point for multiple systems that occur as a result of a merger or acquisition, and provides greater flexibility for integrations, allowing agencies to scale quickly. Through less clicks and simpler workflows that get to information more quickly, the browser-native technology will also deliver simpler user experiences for increased productivity.

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