RADCOM Introduces an Innovative AI Solution as part of RADCOM ACE Providing Automated, Intelligent Assurance for 5G Networks

RADCOM Ltd. (Nasdaq: RDCM) today unveiled a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution as part of its automated 5G assurance product – RADCOM ACE. Using Machine Learning (ML), RADCOM ACE can analyze large volumes of data to automatically detect anomalies, enabling operators to deliver a superior 5G customer experience while ensuring network operational efficiency. In addition, this AI/ML-based anomaly detection provides a foundation for predictive analytics, offering considerable benefits to operators for future network automation, advanced troubleshooting, and VIP service assurance.

“Operating a network has always been complex. But with massive data growth and multiple layers of network technology, 5G networks are even more complex. Moreover, with pressure on engineering resources, many operators are already stretched and face significant challenges in managing their network operations,” said Rami Amit, RADCOM’s Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product. “RADCOM ACE with our innovative AI solution automatically analyzes millions of data sessions in real-time and can reveal underlying network faults not otherwise quickly identified in 5G networks. As a result, this would save operators valuable engineering resources and frees them to spend more time optimizing their services while reducing mean time to resolution.”

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