QuEST Global to Launch Solution Accelerator for Development of AI Applications Using Deep Learning at CES 2020

QuEST Global, a global product engineering and lifecycle services company, will unveil a solution accelerator which will help to design, train, deploy and manage Deep Learning (DL) models for the development of computer vision applications at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020. This solution that will be showcased at Booth# 1909, Westgate, will enable data scientists, data analysts and data engineers to develop deep learning based machine vision applications in a fast and efficient manner with minimum effort. It offers a simplified model creation process through a visual, menu driven interface, making development of deep learning solutions much easier and faster.

The solution developed by QuEST Global is specifically designed to automate key operations of model development workflow like data labelling, data augmentation and cross validation. Supported with intuitive dashboards, performance metrics and custom model creation capabilities, the tool provides easy re-training and deployment options for target devices. By automating and simplifying the AI development work flow, the solution accelerator will help data scientists, data engineers and data analysts achieve productivity improvement, and improve return on investment which in turn will help them to focus more on innovative methods for improving the accuracy and performance of the models.

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