Microsoft 365 customers rapidly adopting Altitude Networks SaaS platform to secure cloud collaboration

Altitude Networks, the leading provider of Cloud DLP for collaboration platforms, announces successful deployments of customers with Microsoft 365 applications, SharePoint, and OneDrive productivity and collaboration tools. Altitude Networks’s DLP cloud has helped customers to protect their sensitive collaboration data from negligent/accidental sharing, malicious insiders and third-party applications.

Cloud-based collaboration is outside the traditional on-prem DLP security infrastructure and therefore a challenge for IT Security teams. Also, most DLP solutions also require a tremendous investment in time for policy writing, tuning, tagging of data, and management which makes for inconsistency in protection. This causes cloud-based data collaboration to be inadequately protected from both internal and external threats in a timely manner. Other Cloud-based solutions do not provide visibility and prioritization of file-based collaboration threats or make it simple for administrators to resolve threats.

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