Deloitte Survey: Scaling Artificial Intelligence (AI) Across the Life Sciences Value Chain

From R&D to manufacturing, supply chain to commercial functions, AI is beginning to have an impact on increasing efficiencies across the biopharma value chain, especially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, increased remote work environments helped life sciences leaders realize how effective digital solutions can be in helping their businesses run smoothly, transforming mindsets and enabling executives to lean into a future grounded in digitization, data and AI. While today AI is primarily applied to automate existing processes, additional potential lies in accelerating insights and discovery to expedite access to new therapies and products. AI’s potential stretches across the value chain from identifying and validating genetic targets for drug development, designing novel compounds, expediting drug development, making supply chains smarter and more responsive, to helping launch and market products. Life sciences companies that deploy AI strategically across the entire enterprise will likely be best positioned to maximize their AI investments and achieve a competitive edge.

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