DefinedCrowd Rebrands as, Reflecting Expanded Position as a Developer Platform for Artificial Intelligence (formerly DefinedCrowd), the leading provider of data, models and tools for Artificial Intelligence, today announced a rebranding in response to continued company growth and the evolution of the development and application of Artificial Intelligence, impacting companies in all sectors from healthcare and retail to finance and consumer goods. At the center of this rebranding is a change of the company name to and an update to the corporate logo and tagline.

With the product suites now folding under one name, the company can continue to scale the business to new heights, moving beyond a resource for crowd-sourced data gathering to a comprehensive AI platform and marketplace to embrace and empower a new era of AI development. While will continue to offer its existing services, including custom collection, data crowdsets, and white-glove support, the product brands DefinedData, DefinedWorkflows, DefinedSolutions and DefinedCrew will all merge under the cohesive umbrella.

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