Bairong Inc. Launches Indra, a Secure AI-Powered Multi-Party Computing Platform

Bairong Inc. (“Bairong”, 6608.HK), a leading independent AI-powered technology platform in China, has officially launched Indra, a groundbreaking secure multi-party computing platform that meets key privacy protection needs in the process of data development. Indra offers a safe and efficient data cooperation model for partners and financial institutions, enabling them to tap into the value of data whilst ensuring compliance with data usage policies and preventing data leakage.

Dedicated to exploring the applications of AI and big data in the financial sector, Bairong pays close attention to data security and privacy protection. Indra was engineered by the company’s team of AI experts, and integrates industry-leading technology for data collection and privacy protection to realize an innovative solution suited to a number of financial application scenarios.

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